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Handmade, Locally Sourced & One Of A Kind

About us


This is a piece of cypress that in the future, will be a pendant light. (contact if you’re interested)


Me and my crew

I am an engineer by trade, but as my two daughters are growing into young teenagers I wanted to find something positive for them to do, other than playing on their phones. I convinced my oldest daughter Aerin to help me start selling my woodcraft at the farmer’s market in the Port Orange pavilion on Saturday mornings. As we have started to become a common fixture at the farmer’s market Aerin has taken up the mantle of Head of sales and social media. Please help her out by following flyinwoodworks on Instagram. My youngest daughter Teagan is eager to help out anyway she can. She is an excellent helper when Aerin has prior engagements and when I just need an extra hand.


Natural Materials

Wood - ALL wood used is locally sourced, not exotic woods purchased from other countries. I work with local tree services, family members, and friends to acquire and save trees headed to the landfill to be as ecologically friendly as possible. I personally process all green wood and dry it in my shop. Most common types of wood recovered are Oak and Poplar. Sometimes I’m fortunate to acquire some softer more aromatic woods such as Juniper (smells like Cedar) or Camphor.

Matthew Oak is a special edition wood that was recovered from my community (Spruce Creek Fly-In, Port Orange, Florida) after Hurricane Matthew tore limbs from trees and trees from the ground in October  2016. This wood was saved before FEMA was able to round it up and make mulch out of it.

Pine cones, pine needles, sweat gum pods, hickory nuts, and feathers, like all of my material, are collected in the Spruce Creek Fly-in by me, my two daughters and my friends.

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Resin Materials

Hybrid - All Hybrid (resin/wood) crafts are made in my shop out of the very same natural materials gown in my community. All of my resin crafts are made using a mixture of resin and natural material. If you want an all plastic pen or bowl go to Target, they have isles full of them made in China.